Busting Copper Thefts: A Battle Against Safety Hazards and Financial Loss in Little Falls, Minnesota

Charges say men pretending to be AT&T workers stole copper from a Little Falls business

In the small town of Little Falls, Minnesota, two men are facing charges of stealing a significant amount of copper from a rural business. Kenten Gangestad, co-owner of Fallsnet, has first-hand knowledge of the recent increase in copper theft in the area. According to him, Fallsnets team often discovers missing items long after the incident has occurred.

In an effort to combat the theft, Fallsnet installed motion-sensing cameras on their tower, which alerted them to suspicious activity. The footage revealed one man surveying the site while another removed the front license plate from a pickup truck before driving it into the worksite. The perpetrator was seen wearing a hard hat with an AT&T logo, but it was later discovered that the AT&T insignias were counterfeit.

The thieves were apprehended and charged with burglary, but the damage had already been done. The stolen equipment caused $10,000 in damages to Fallsnet’s business. Gangestad hopes that new state laws requiring a license to sell copper will help prevent future thefts. Lawmakers emphasize that beyond financial costs, darkened streets resulting from copper theft pose safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians.

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