Hillsborough High School Physics Teacher, Clayton Nylund, Named Finalist for Florida Teacher of the Year.

Science teacher from Hillsborough County named as Florida Teacher of the Year contender

Clayton Nylund, a science teacher at Blake High School in Hillsborough County, is among the top five finalists for Florida Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made during a surprise visit to his class by representatives from the Florida Department of Education and Hillsborough County School District leaders.

Nylund has been teaching physics and engineering at Blake High School since 2011. In addition to these courses, he also teaches a Principles of Technology course that allows students to research, design, build, test, and compete with their projects. Students work on projects such as pinewood derby cars, catapults, rockets, bridges, and mousetrap cars while learning about circuits, coding, programming, and robotics.

Nylund’s curriculum has been so successful that it has been expanded to six other high schools in the district with close to 1,000 students participating. He was named Hillsborough Teacher of the Year in February and shared in his contest essay that he expects his students to bring nothing to his class other than themselves and a focused mind.

Superintendent Van Ayres praised Nylund for making physics and engineering popular courses that students are eager to enroll in. He described Nylund as someone who not only teaches but also absorbs knowledge and culture and brings that back to the school community.

The state winner for Florida Teacher of the Year will be announced in Orlando on July 25, with Nylund being one of the top contenders for the prestigious award.

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