The Koch Family Honored for Four Decades of Support: A Closer Look at their Contributions and Impact on Washington University’s Olin Business School

The Source: Olin Business School recognizes distinguished alumni from the class of 2024.

Paul Koch, Elke Koch, Roger Koch, and Fran Koch were awarded the 2024 Dean’s Medal from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. The family members have supported the school for over four decades with their generous contributions.

In 2016, the Koch brothers and their spouses established a family business initiative at Olin with a $1 million gift. Following this, in 2019, they provided gifts and commitments of more than $9 million to create the Koch Center for Family Enterprise and its associated directorship and professor of practice. This center is focused on studying family-owned businesses and providing services to the family business community.

The Koch family members were honored on April 4 at the annual Olin Distinguished Alumni Awards event held at the Missouri Botanical Garden. In addition to the Koch family, three outstanding alumni were also recognized for their career achievements – Andrea Adegas Faccio, Eric M. Green, and JD Ross. To learn more about the Koch family’s contributions and the Olin Distinguished Alumni Awards recipients, visit the Olin Business School blog.

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