TikTok Announces Major Layoffs Amid Wave of Tech Industry Cutbacks.

Report: Employees of TikTok Claim Layoffs as Company Faces Latest Tech Industry Turmoil

TikTok announced layoffs within its operations and marketing departments this week, according to The Information. The exact number of employees affected is unclear, but it’s known that earlier this year, the company had already laid off dozens of staff members.

The tech industry is currently facing a wave of layoffs, and TikTok is the latest company to make major cuts. Sources reveal that the company plans to lay off a significant number of employees from its operations, content, and marketing departments. Affected employees will be notified either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The Information was the first to report this news, stating that TikTok has dismantled its global user operations team. Some employees who are not laid off will be reassigned to other departments within the company. This round of layoffs is reportedly larger than usual for TikTok.

At present, TikTok has not made any public comment regarding these layoffs. As such, this story is still developing and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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