Unleashing the spirit of sailing and tourism: The St. Thomas Yacht Club’s 5th Annual Hotel and Tourism Regatta

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On May 21st, 2024, the St. Thomas Yacht Club in the US Virgin Islands hosted its 5th Annual Hotel and Tourism Regatta, a significant event that brings together the business community to seek sponsor and logistics support for larger events. The regatta featured five 4-person teams from the territory’s hospitality and tourism sectors, competing in sailing races using STSC’s one-design IC24s.

Prior to the regatta, teams participated in a three-hour coaching session with renowned coaches like 2024 St. Thomas International Regatta Champion Spencer LeGrande and STSC Director Bobby Brooks, who is also an International Coach and World Champion. The session offered valuable practice and techniques to help teams enhance their skills and improve their performance. The goal of the event was to foster community spirit and promote sailing in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Bobby Brooks expressed his satisfaction with the level of competition and camaraderie displayed at this year’s regatta, congratulating all teams for their outstanding performances. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the sailing community and the business sector to enhance the sport of sailing and promote tourism in the region.

The regatta was a great opportunity for teams to showcase their skills, teamwork, and passion for sailing while also promoting tourism in the US Virgin Islands. It highlighted how collaboration between different stakeholders can lead to greater success in achieving common goals.

Overall, this year’s Hotel and Tourism Regatta was a huge success that brought together people from different backgrounds to celebrate sailing, community spirit, and tourism in the US Virgin Islands.

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